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My iPod came today... YET, I HAVE NO SONGS TO SYNC. AKSDJFKLJASDF; THIS SUUUCKS. I have to go through the trouble of re-downloading my Asian music. I’m so lazy thoughh. >___<. Laptop: Why must you force me to reset you? ARGGG. D: I’m reall…

Nagsye-share lang ako ng nangyayare.  (=____=)

Parents: reason of insanity Nakakapressure kapag pinagmamadali ka ng mga magulang mo sa harap ng monitor. Lalo na kapag may assignment kang dapat tapusin. Lechugas lang. Sabayan mo pa ng Ipod na nagloko at kailangan magrestore, in short ma…


USB ドライバが正しくインストールされていないか古い場合、Windows で iPhone、iPad、または iPod が正しく認識されない iPodさしたらデバイスは認識しているのに何度もデバイスドライバをインストール使用として失敗して困っていたとき、このページの”Appl…

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i changed my ipod’s lock screen background yesterday… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I love my iPod!

I love my iPod!

explain it. 7. Think of a certain song to

ipod shuffle challenge 10 DAY IPOD SHUFFLE CHALLENGE from heckyeahtumblrchallenges.tumblr.com Post the audio files each day~ 1. First song to come on your shuffle; why it is on your iPod, what significance does it hold? 2. First song to co…

iPod Touch用アプリが新バージョンでビデオチャットを提供 Amplify’d from

SkypeのiPhone, iPad, iPod Touch用アプリが新バージョンでビデオチャットを提供 Amplify’d from jp.techcrunch.com See this Amp at http://bit.ly/h2E2Jb

iTunes has stopped working.”

I hate Windows... My little cousin got a new iPod touch, and I downloaded iTunes on her computer, but every time I try to open it, it says “iTunes has stopped working.” I’ve Googled for solutions, but everything I’ve tried doesn’t work. It…

Acchan’s IPod. Want.

destroyed apple products

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ipod by ~Mahmod-5cy on

ipod by ~Mahmod-5cy on deviantART 出典:http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/355/f/f/ipod_by_mahmod_5cy-d35byun.jpg

Just wanted to post this one. My

Just wanted to post this one. My favourite.

What network it

“Guy: “Your phone screen is broken” (iTouch) Me: “Yeah man, looks bad doesn’t it haha” Guy: “What network it is?” Me: “Oh it’s not a phone it’s the iTouch, my BB next to it is on T-mobile. Guy: “ITouch? What network is that?” Me: “No it’s …


新種林檎研究所 / New Species Apple Laboratory 妄想Apple製品。カッコイー。

Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy OST digital download freshly loaded into the iPod. It’s time for the serious headphones. :P 出典:http://www.flickr.com/photos/minceyfresh/5241128397/

so much feeling lost in my body. XD so happy to have my

aw yes. A time before I had my art desk. lol. I was always painting on the floor.. till like 4 am sometimes. My legs cramping every hour and butt falling asleep. So much art got done, so much feeling lost in my body. XD so happy to have my…

listening to jay park~ speechless during p.e

listening to jay park~ speechless during p.e :D


『Apple - Products - iPod History』 見てる:

I totally could have asked for this instead of other things.

WHY. My ipod is broken and my stupid headphone jack makes it so I can only hear in one ear. Christmas just ended. I totally could have asked for this instead of other things. What the hell man.

Man imagine what would happen if it really wasn’t working o-o if

My mom, she understands me! Today my iPod stopped working. I don’t know about you but for me that’s. Huge deal. It felt like my life was over. What was I going to do?“What was she to do? Where was she to go? She was out on her fanny…”That’…

The docking station is just so awesome I’m in love with it

Yayyy my bro brought me a belated graduation present :D He got me this super cute iPanda docking station and an ipod touch 4th gen *happy dance* The docking station is just so awesome I’m in love with it (o☻ܫ☻o) Now I’m going to attempt to…

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エコだなぁ。リサイクルしてたのか。さすが・・・ via cache.gawkerassets.com

I think about the special YOU

Everytime I hear that special song, I think about the special YOU :)